December 5, 2023

Verizon Establishes 5G-Powered Innovation Center in Collaboration with University of South Carolina; Jennifer Artley quoted

Verizon has partnered with the University of South Carolina to create a 5G-powered facility for experimentation in a variety of fields that serve the public good.

Located in the McNair Center in Columbia, South Carolina, the Innovation Experience Hub allows USC students to participate in study projects that examine manufacturing, healthcare and civil infrastructure and more, through a Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network, the New York-based company said Friday.

“Working with the University of South Carolina, we have a great opportunity to collaborate with dozens of partners to imagine and develop new 5G-powered solutions by leveraging the latest technologies, including large-scale IoT, ‘artificial intelligence, computer vision and augmented reality’, commented Jennifer Artleysenior vice president of 5G acceleration at Verizon Business.

On the network, researchers are expected to work on improving manufacturing activities such as quality detection and defect identification. For healthcare purposes, they will examine the impacts of remote health monitoring on emergency response and determine how 5G can aid in real-time analysis of patient vital signs, in addition to facilitation of assets connected to the hospital.

In the field of civil infrastructure, participants in the Innovation Experience Hub will navigate the various ways in which 5G communications can be used to monitor the condition of roads and bridges, report statistics on various structures and be exploited for the drone imaging of roads, bridges and buildings via AI Computer Vision.

The new USC facility is the latest in a growing list of 5G labs established by Verizon across the United States. These destinations are constantly driven by partnerships with public and private sector customers – start-ups, universities and government/military entities, among others – to learn how 5G can change and grow industries.

Earlier this week, Verizon was asked by the Department of Defense to build a private 5G network at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickham.