May 12, 2022

The public is encouraged to report cases of suspicious spot-checking transactions

Migration Director Stanis Hulahau announced that all spot checks by immigration officers would temporarily cease during the election period and businesses were asked to report any suspicious transactions by people claiming to be immigration officers. immigration.

He made the comments after receiving complaints from some Port Moresby business houses that some law enforcement officers claiming to be immigration officers were carrying out unauthorized spot checks over the weekend.

Investigations are currently underway to verify the impersonators who would be treated.

“As we approach the national general election, my leadership has temporarily ceased all scheduled spot checks from April 15, 2022 until after the election,” he said.

“During this time, business houses should be careful when engaging with anyone posing as immigration officers and attempting to carry out unauthorized spot checks on their premises.”

Mr Hulahau said a few business houses in Port Moresby reported that law enforcement officers entered their premises over the weekend posing as immigration officers.

“Such unauthorized transactions are illegal and businesses should report them immediately so that we can deal with them legally,” he said.

“If you are approached by any such, please be sure to get their full contact details and email my office at: [email protected] or phone us on 3276102 or call 78797793.”

He said any spot check requirements in relation to the CIA’s internal case management would be handled on a case-by-case basis with the approval of his office.