Tesla Now Allows Owners To Report Problems Directly To Executives To Improve Communications

In the past, Tesla has often been criticized by owners over their communications and while it seemed like criticism had died down over the past year or so, it was brought back into the limelight with a new trial made public. .

Now, in an effort to improve communications, Tesla is streamlining its support contacts and even allows owners to report issues directly to Tesla executives.

Tesla’s communication wishes were underscored earlier this week by the longtime Tesla owner Alain Cohen who sued the company after claiming that it had stopped responding to requests for repairs to his vehicle.

A Tesla spokesperson sent us the following statement about the lawsuit:

“Tesla consistently achieves the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any automaker because we do everything possible to ensure that owners have the best possible experience. Our philosophy is to work closely with a client to resolve issues if they are encountered, but we will also firmly defend ourselves against unfair or unfounded claims. We have this same philosophy for every customer because we believe that all customers should be treated the same. It is a matter of fundamental fairness.

All issues mentioned by this customer have long since been resolved under warranty at no cost to the customer as long as the repairs have been requested and are appropriate. The only exceptions are the seat, which we have been trying to install for many months, but the customer chose not to bring the car in for replacement, and Bluetooth, which we have confirmed to be working. Even though there are no more problems with his car, the customer has requested a new vehicle, as well as an additional cash payment. These requests are simply unreasonable.

Nonetheless, the story resonated with several other Tesla owners on forums who also struggled with Tesla’s sales and service communications.

Coincidentally (or not), Tesla’s president of sales and service, Jon McNeill, took on the Tesla Motors Club forum yesterday to announce a “streamlining” of their support contacts:

The most exciting new feature is the ability to report issues directly to Tesla executives.

McNeill himself is known to speak directly to customers on social media and forums, but owners now have an official way to reach Tesla decision makers when problems get out of hand.

You must be a Tesla owner to access the feature and go through your “MyTesla” account. The section appears between the referral program section and the contact section:

Tesla now has over 200,000 vehicles on the road and that means there are a lot of Tesla owners. This can certainly complicate communications.

Taking Electek

While Elon Musk has often emphasized the importance of customer service, cases that slip through the cracks get a lot of attention and often look particularly bad even if they don’t represent the Tesla’s average customer experience.

But now that Tesla owners have a relatively easy way to reach executives, and as long as they know it, it should reduce the number of such cases.

Of course, it should probably only be used as a last resort when the usual channels aren’t working. Otherwise, it looks like a feature that could easily go missing if a few abuse it.

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