December 7, 2022

Tata to rescue laid-off Meta, Twitter and Amazon workers with jobs at Jaguar Land Rover

In 2016, Ratan Tata saved thousands of people in the UK from unemployment by pledging to invest over $1 billion over a decade in the Port Talbot steelworks. Although the Tata Group cut 1,000 jobs in the unit in 2019, its other UK acquisition, Jaguar Land Rover, continued to thrive. Today, the car brand it bought from Ford is supporting laid-off workers from tech companies such as Meta and Twitter, offering them jobs through a dedicated portal.

Intervene in a crisis

The automaker, which focuses on the electric vehicle market, launched 800 vacancies for tech professionals and prioritized digital talent laid off from big tech companies such as Meta and Amazon. Tata Group’s decision comes after 11,000 workers lost their jobs at Meta and 10,000 had to leave Amazon, while 50% of Twitter staff were fired by Elon Musk and many others quit. Heartbreaking stories emerge, including those of Indians abroad who must find new jobs to maintain their visas, and of women who, on maternity leave, have been left without work.

Jaguar Land Rover has created a portal focused on displaced big tech employees and is looking for skilled talent in AI, cloud software, data science and machine learning, among other areas of work. Positions are offered in India, China, Ireland, Hungary, UK and USA.

Tata’s history of employee wellbeing

In these uncertain times, which are nothing short of a crisis, the decision of a company belonging to the Tata Group reflects the history of the welfare of the employees of the conglomerate. Recently, the company also bailed out struggling Indian carrier Air India, as thousands of people risked losing their jobs if the state-owned airline were to shut down. Tata is also known for setting up a personnel department in 1947, before most companies in India, and for a smart severance scheme that offered wages and benefits to workers leaving until retirement age.