May 12, 2022

Sierra Leone Ministry of Health compliments efforts of healthcare workers with ‘National Recognition Award’

The Government of Sierra Leone, through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation rewarded, on Saturday, April 9, 2022, health workers, key partners and stakeholders who are working to improve the delivery of health services in the country.

The awards ceremony that closes the three-day National Health Summit demonstrates the government’s appreciation as it recognizes and celebrates the efforts of deserving teams and groups of individuals who have worked tirelessly to achieve the key indicators and contribute to the success of the health sector.

The special occasion was honored by the Vice President of Sierra Leone Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, who in his statement highlighted the government’s commitment to improving the country’s health sector.

“On behalf of His Excellency the President, I would like to thank you all for the tremendous work you have done to save lives across the country. As a government, we are committed to supporting you based on the recommendations that were highlighted at the summit. Tonight, I want to congratulate you and remind everyone that you are winners,” said Dr Juldeh Jalloh.

Dr Austin Demby, Minister of Health and Sanitationin his address at the awards ceremony, commends the efforts of health workers across the country as they always try to bring happiness to the faces of traumatized families.

“As I always say, nobody goes to the hospital because they are happy. People go to the hospital when there is trauma or challenges in their lives or trauma or challenges in the lives of loved ones. It’s a time to say thank you. Thank you for your excellency. Thanks for what you do. Thanks to know you wiped away someone’s tears,” Dr Demby said.

The winners of the night are Kailahun & Port Loko Government Hospital – Best District Health Management Team, Bo Government Hospital – Best Secondary Hospital, Ola During Children’s Hospital – Best Tertiary Hospital, Sewafe Community Health Center – Best BEMONC Facility, St. John of God Hospital – Best Faith Base Hospital, SLBC Radio – Excellent Media in Promoting Health Messages, Health for All Coalition – Best Civil Society in Promoting Health and Wellness, Best Innovation in Waste Management System – Bombali District, Best Outstanding Transformation Team – Government Connaught & Koidu Hospital, Top Performing Medical Emergency Response Team – Connaught, 34 Military & Emergency Hospital.