May 12, 2022

Russian car factory donates farmland to furloughed workers

A Russian car factory is handing out farmland to workers facing furlough after Western carmakers left Russia following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Avtotor factory, based in Russia’s western enclave of Kaliningrad, has set aside 300 hectares (740 acres) for its garden donation.

Avtotor said giving land for workers to grow their own produce would help factory staff in a “difficult economic situation”.

“The plots are fully prepared for the planting season,” the plant said. mentioned in a statement Tuesday.

“A questionnaire intended for the employees of the factory was carried out beforehand and a list of those who wish to benefit from this support has been drawn up.”

Avtotor announcement on April 28 that it would put some of its 3,500 employees on three-week paid leave starting May 1.

Founder Vladimir Shcherbakov said his factory had seen a triple drop in volume on their assembly lines after BMW and General Motors halted production in Russia in early March. South Korean car brands Hyundai and Kia and China’s Nanjing Automobile Corporation continued to work with the plant despite component delivery issues.

The factory has already distributed 168 land plots of 1,000 square meters each in the village of Kholmogorovka near the Baltic Sea.

The rest of the land, located in the nearby village of Lyublino, is expected to be distributed to workers in May.