Richy’s eye-catching artwork

A self-taught artist from Polokwane is eager to make a name for himself in the art industry, and when he picks up paper and pencil, eye-catching art is created.

The talented Lehomu Lekalakala, known as Richy the Artist, is determined to make waves in the fine art industry with his designs. The 27-year-old enchants people with his drawings. He said he is an abstract expressionist artist and painter, hyper realistic in ballpoint pen.

He says creating beautiful art takes patience, time, discipline, and creativity. “Drawing is part of my life and I cannot live without it. For me, art is more than a daily practice. I have drawn my whole life, but recently started to take drawing seriously. The beauty of art can bring out a million perspectives and interpretations, what I hope to achieve is to speak to the world through my works. My recent artwork speaks to our current situation which is the Covid-19 pandemic, so I use my artwork to signify my culture to marry it with a constructive ecstatic endpoint, ”he said.

He said the passion started when he was nine years old. “It started as a hobby until 2016, when I started showing my artwork to people who loved them. I then realized that I could make a living from it. Drawing is something that came to me quite naturally since it has always been a source of pleasure. So I started to fall in love with art and started doing more drawings, ”he said.

He told Polokwane Observer that the drawing was not just a scribble on a piece of paper. “The things we create are inspired by what we observe in ourselves and in our environment. So far, I have drawn portraits of personalities, artists and locals, ”he concludes.

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