Relief for mobile music school as classes resume after restrictions eased

A mobile music teacher from Perth is relieved to welcome young people back to her dynamic classes after a difficult year due to the COVID pandemic.

Lisa Bond saw her classes wiped out in March of last year by the pandemic, but with the easing of restrictions, she is once again able to teach kindergarten and preschool children in the region.

Using her knowledge from her BA (Hons) in classical guitar, elementary music education, and ukulele, she teaches children simple simple songs from around the world in their native language, as well as lesser-known English melodies.

Lisa’s classes see the use of the guitar and ukulele, as well as maracas and percussion instruments to help teach children three months to five years old about rhythm, social skills, and other cultures.

Lisa held her first baby class since 2020 three weeks ago at Perth Riverside Church, which is one of her regular teaching locations, with the rest of the age groups due to return from August 19.

“I’m a traveling musician and teach all over Perth and Kinross,” she said.

“We left County Durham and I started teaching in the area in 2019 before the pandemic hit in March 2020 and everything had to stop.

“I had 10 groups at the time and I was really full.

“We’re leaving and so many people I had taught before are in school now, it’s been so long!

“So we are starting from scratch. “

In preparation for her full reboot, Lisa is hosting a summer early childhood music initiation session at Perth Riverside Church on Wednesday, July 14.

“We have the song, the history of the music and the theory,” she said.

“I teach a lot of repetitive songs that are easier to learn and can be covered in five minutes.

“I have a few lesser-known songs, including some beautiful African songs on the kookaburra.

“In some classes we will have drums and musical instruments in their hands as well as music therapy classes.

“In my baby classes, I can have children from three months to 12-13 months.

“And for preschool classes, it can be up to five years old.

“I have also taught in nurseries in and around Perth and the Madoch Center.

“Music is really important to a lot of things because they have to use so many different parts of their brain for their hand-eye coordination.

“It also helps their social skills and through songs they can learn about different cultures.”

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