September 23, 2022

Port Shepstone is fast becoming an economic center with unlimited investment opportunities

Just an hour and a half south of Durban, the former small seaside town of Port Shepstone has quickly established itself as an economic hub on the KZN south coast.

And those looking for key investment opportunities won’t be disappointed with this thriving ocean-side economy.

“Port Shepstone has always been a popular tourist destination, but in recent years the city has transformed itself into a strategic economic and cultural hub, offering a wide variety of investment opportunities across all sectors,” Phelsa Mangcu explained. , CEO of South Coast Tourism. and Investment Company (SCTIE).

She said their role is to connect potential investors to the many opportunities found here, while facilitating all processes to make doing business on the KZN South Coast as inviting as possible.

As the region’s official economic development arm, SCTIE was created when two entities, Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT) and Ugu South Coast Development Agency (USCDA), merged this year. This unit was able to muster a vast amount of experience and resources, with the team proactively identifying and unleashing the full potential of the region.

SCTIE has also partnered with Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) to establish a one stop shop on the south coast of KZN.

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This aims to improve the efficiency of business operations and ensure investors have access to municipal incentives in the district.

Situated between the bustling coastal towns of Hibberdene and Margate, Port Shepstone became the administrative, educational, distribution and commercial center of the region.

As such, the region has key business services including major banks, government departments and South African Revenue Service (SARS) offices. Port Shepstone is also the seat of Ray Nkonyeni and Ugu District Municipalities, with many companies using the town as a base for their headquarters.

When it comes to events, from business conferences to sports, Port Shepstone is considered a destination of choice.

The area offers a wide variety of accommodations, conference and banquet facilities, as well as quality dining options. Its proximity to the seaside and its many iconic tourist sites continue to make it a MICE destination.

The region has a year-round subtropical climate and nutrient-rich soil, which create the ideal conditions for farming – a fact that is evidenced by the surrounding farmland.

The women-owned BBS Farm is an excellent example of agricultural and agritourism opportunities in and around Port Shepstone. The tomatoes and macadamia nuts grown here are sourced internationally, with BBS Farm being one of the stops in the popular Agri-CULTURE Tours offering.

The region’s manufacturing potential remains abundant, with Marburg’s textile industry and the success of furniture manufacturing in the region being good indicators of what is to come with the right vision and investments.

And with Port Shepstone located on the N2 with easy access to King Shaka International Airport and the Port of Durban, the potential for a thriving logistics industry is waiting to be untapped. KZN’s southern coastal location means it is also a gateway to the Eastern Cape linking the economies of these regions.

The ocean economy adjacent to Port Shepstone also offers a number of investment opportunities, from the established tourist economy to renewable energy generation, sustainable fishing and even shipping.

And given the growing trend of coastal estates as prime residential options, Port Shepstone is a valuable real estate asset. Recent reports indicate that the south coast of KZN is increasingly in demand as people consider living in “semigration”, in which they keep jobs inland and work away from the coast.

Given the cost effectiveness of KZN South Coast properties compared to other coastal regions, as well as the attractive lifestyle and climate, demand will only grow.

Opportunities abound in terms of residences, resorts, retail and educational offerings with vast undeveloped municipal land that is just ready for investors.

“Port Shepstone is truly the gateway to the KZN South Coast and is just primed for great investment opportunities. It’s really just a matter of who comes in first. We are ready to help investors, both local and international, who are looking for a low-risk opportunity that promises a massive return on investment,” she concluded.

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