September 23, 2022

Planning a massive green hydrogen hub for Langage Energy Park – A 10 MW hydrogen hub will provide local businesses with easy access to hydrogen

Planning a massive green hydrogen hub for Langage Energy Park – A 10 MW hydrogen hub will provide local businesses with easy access to hydrogen.

The 10 MW hydrogen hub will provide local businesses with easy access to hydrogen.

Plans have been unveiled for the construction of a massive new hydrogen hub on the outskirts of Plymouth. The 10MW hydrogen hub project, the first of its kind in Devon and Cornwall, will provide local businesses – for example energy-intensive industries or those with transport fleets – with easy access to hydrogen.

Hydrogen is set to play a major role over the next 20-30 years in reducing UK CO₂ emissions, helping the country achieve Net Zero and the West Country’s own decarbonisation efforts.

Carlton Power, the company that created and developed the Langage gas-fired power station and the Langage solar park, has chosen to build its third green hydrogen hub in the UK on land within the Langage energy park.

The first phase of the project has received planning permission from South Hams District Council and is supported by the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership and Regen, the South West’s low carbon energy organisation. The Langage Energy Park, where the green hydrogen hub would be built, is also part of the proposed Plymouth & South West ‘freeport’

Subject to the Langage Green Hydrogen Hub receiving support from the Government’s Hydrogen Investment Scheme, a multi-million pound scheme to encourage the growth of the UK’s hydrogen economy, the project will produce sustainable hydrogen at scale over the next two to three years. . Its development and operation will create opportunities for West Country businesses to make Net Zero plans with hydrogen in mind.

In addition, the hydrogen hub will support the continued growth of renewable electricity generation in the region (and new forms like ocean power) by using it to produce and store hydrogen at times when renewable generation is high, but electricity demand is low.

Carlton’s plans for Langage – and its proposed hydrogen hub projects in Cumbria and Greater Manchester – are a response to UK government plans for a green revolution that includes hydrogen and fuel cell technology like one of its main ambitions.

Eric AdamsDirector of Hydrogen Projects at Carlton Power said:

Langage is ideally located for the West Country’s first low-carbon hydrogen hub.

“With the need, especially for industrial companies, to move away from fossil fuels and reach Net Zero, Langage Green Hydrogen and our other projects can make an important contribution to the transition to the hydrogen economy. .

“A number of key industrial sectors in the South West have limited options to decarbonise, so a local source of hydrogen will accelerate their Net Zero plans and the region’s broader low carbon ambitions. “

“Given our long-standing involvement with the Langage Energy Park, we will work closely with Heart of the South West LEP, Regen and other local stakeholders to deliver this project and ensure local industry can fully realize economic and environmental benefits of green hydrogen to their operations.

“But the development and operation of Langage and our other two programs is dependent on securing financial support from the UK Government’s Hydrogen Investment Scheme.”

Claire GibsonHead of Delivery at the Heart of the South West Local Business Partnership, said:

It’s fantastic to see Carlton Power choosing Devon as the location for its next hydrogen hub.

“We are delighted to have supported the project, in line with our goals of driving the region’s clean growth agenda. Hydrogen is an important part of our ambition to become the country’s powerhouse for green energy, and projects such as the Langage Hydrogen Hub are crucial to our journey to zero emissions.

Regen, the Exeter-based energy organization (formerly known as Regen South West) has identified hydrogen as important to the West Country’s transition to Net Zero and economic development.

Merlin HymanRegen’s chief executive said:

The significance of South Hams District Council granting planning permission for a green hydrogen production facility at Langage Energy Park cannot be overstated.

“Green hydrogen has an important role to play in using renewable electricity to make a low-carbon fuel that will reduce emissions from industry and heavy transport. Having one of the first green hydrogen production plants in the South West is great news for the decarbonization of the region.

The Freeport aims to develop the local and regional economy by leveraging unique national capabilities in the navy, defense and space sectors and emphasizing key assets such as the naval port from Plymouth.

There would be opportunities to develop supply chains around these capabilities, supporting the whole regional economy.

Massive hub for green hydrogen planned for Langage Energy Park, September 1, 2022