September 23, 2022

Petition formed to address HVAC issue at Atlantic City school

We have learned and confirmed the creation of a petition to bring attention to a long-standing HVAC issue at the Uptown School Complex in Atlantic City.

The petition is available for signature on the website.

Brittany Baxter formed the petition which reads:

So many students and staff at Uptown School
Atlantic City resort faces serious HVAC issue
publish! For two years, several classes
at the Uptown school complex did not look
conditioning and no source of cooling during the
hot summer months which caused many
students heat-related illness and in general
discomfort. The Uptown manager and staff
School complex have repeatedly on several
years claimed that it would be repaired, but there was
no solution! We were told that this solution has
have been paid and are just waiting for the CVC
business to fix but that was over a year ago!
Students are collected early from school
due to nausea, headache and general discomfort
and are then dripping with sweat. We have
proposed to buy fans for the classrooms but all
the requests were denied. Please join us in
sign this petition to advance this very important
problem to be solved. The education budget for this
year stated that this problem would be resolved during the
been and he didn’t!

There are currently 134 petition signatories. Baxter said they needed 200 signatures for their petition to reach a status where it would likely be featured in what are called’s “recommendations.”

John Devlin is currently a member of the Atlantic City School Board and served as past board chair for a long time.

Devlin shared his perspective on this topic:

“This is very disturbing news! As a member of the board of directors, I have not been informed of this situation by the administration, but I have heard from many employees who have told me about their conditions. less than desirable working conditions and conditions for our children.”

“This is totally unacceptable, our children and our taxpayers deserve better. You’d think that with a budget of over $200 million a year, we wouldn’t have these kinds of problems,” said Devlin.

Development. Updates as needed.

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