Part 2 of our guide to real world casino lingo!

You might remember that earlier this week we looked at someone going from an online casino, such as Chumba Casino, to the physical casinos you’ll find in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and many more. ‘other places in the world.

In this article, we’ve taken a look at some of the more unusual jargon used in casinos that you might not be too familiar with when playing online, and in part one of this article we focused on the letters of A. to Mr.

Now, in this second part of the article, we’ll continue our recap by looking at the jargon beginning with the letters N through Z.

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There are many good reasons to learn about casino lingo. First, it will do you look and look like a casino veteran if you know what people are talking about and can converse with them using the terms described here.

After all, you don’t want someone to think of you as a fish! (and if you don’t know what a fish is, check out the first part of our article!)

While you were looking action one the Automaton, or want to spend more in the carpet joints, may be coat tail a lucky bettor, making ten cents bets at the same time, you don’t want to see the dealer collecting too much of your dirty money where else you will be to the felt in no time.

And if that didn’t make too much sense to you, check out Part 1 of the article before continuing here!

Otherwise, read on as we continue our Casino Lingo journey starting this second part of the letter N article.

Lingo Casino – What are your fellow players and dealers talking about!

  • Net gains – A more common term, but very important. This is the profit you actually made on a trip to the casino, taking into account how much you won, versus what you spent on betting.
  • Nickel – Slang term used for a $ 500 bet placed in a casino.
  • On the tilt – Perhaps my favorite line of all the casino jargon. An On Tilt player is a player who has lost his temper or has become unusually emotional during a casino game, which often leads him to make rash decisions or even bet far too aggressively. Watching someone bow in a casino can be scary sometimes, but other times it’s just plain funny, especially at the poker or blackjack table.
  • Cover – a term used to describe a bet at the casino where the player has a slight (and it is only a very slight) advantage.
  • Pigeon – A term you don’t want to hear about on your own. This is a casino player who doesn’t really know much about games.
  • glitches – It can refer to two distinct things depending on the context in which it is used. On a dice game, like craps, this can refer to the points on the dice. However, it can also be used as a slang term for the four symbols used in a deck of cards, space, hearts, diamonds, and clovers.
  • Pit – The part of the casino where the table games are grouped together and where the casino employees who manage the games work their magic.

  • Pit boss – The guy or the lady in charge of the employees working in the pit.
  • Floppy disk – Another of my favorite terms. A ploppy player is one who plays with poor strategy in a particular game, but believes himself qualified enough to offer the other players at the table plenty of advice on how to play.
  • Tap a bet – When you add additional funds to your next bet after landing a winning bet. This is a popular strategy with many casino regulars.
  • Shelf – The container used for counting and also moving high value tokens and tokens in the casino.
  • Railbird – Beware of a railbird in casinos. These are people who hang out at casino tables but are not actively playing the game. This person’s intention may be harmless, but at other times they might seek to distract your attention so that they can steal chips from the game. unsuspecting gamers.
  • Rated – If you are rated, it means the casino has looked at your playing style, how much you spend at the casino and how skillful you are, combined with your bankroll. Your score then determines the level of comps a casino can offer you. Obviously, the better you are evaluated, the greater the value of the comps that will be offered to you.
  • Rat hole – A player who puts away chips during a game, to give the impression that he does not win as much at the table as he actually does.
  • Sawbuck – A bet of $ 10.
  • Sawdust joint – In contrast to a Carpet Joint, these are the cheapest, healthiest casinos that offer lower minimum bets that allow people to play cheaper games.
  • scammer – A casino player who makes ridiculous statements about their winning percentages and what to expect when playing certain types of casino games.
  • Shill – It is a term for a casino employee who claims to be a regular customer and plays the games in order to create more personalization for the casino.
  • Simple (or Straight Up) – A bet on a single number, for example on the number 7 in a game of roulette.
  • Skin – A term used to describe a bet of a single dollar. It can also be called a Skoon.
  • Spinner – A winning session at the casino.
  • While typing – A term used to describe a player who has lost all of their chips.
  • Puff – The chip or tip you give to a dealer or casino employee for their service.
  • To M – A term used by casino staff to refer to someone who does not tip, the opposite of a George.
  • ALV – An acronym for Video Lottery Terminal.
  • Whale – A player with a large bankroll who makes very large bets in casinos. These players are the ones that the casinos really want to attract and will often give the best rewards as well.
  • White meat – The profit you get from gambling in a casino.

So that covers our casino jargon from A to Z! Hope you enjoyed browsing through some of the terms used in casinos and can use them on your next trip to a brick and mortar casino!

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