Part 1 – Learn casino lingo

So you’ve enjoyed your time playing at online casinos like Chumba Casino, and now you want to step out into the real world to try your hand at casino games in a brick and mortar casino.

Well, that will surely be the same as playing online, right?

Well, no, it isn’t. Of course, the games you play will all be very similar in style and substance, but there will be a few major differences between playing at Chumba Casino and playing at a place like the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Venetian in Macau or the Borgata in Atlantic City.

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Perhaps one of the biggest differences is in the casino jargon you hear at these establishments. When playing online the terms used are very specific and few slang terms are used, however in a real casino you may well come across a lot of these less familiar terms.

I call it casino lingo and if you don’t want to sound like a fresh-faced newbie, then familiarizing yourself with the language of the casino is always a good place to start.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some common casino terms used in real-world casinos that you might not have come across online, and we’ll explain exactly what they mean so you don’t have to ask. to the dealer or to your playing friends what they are talking about!

For this first part of a two-part article, we will examine the terms of A to M.

Casino jargon! A to M – What are your fellow players and croupiers talking about!

  • action – No, it’s not a director directing actors to finish a take for the latest Hollywood blockbuster! Action refers to different types of games that you can play at the casino. The more types of bets and games you can play at a casino, the more action there is for you. So if someone says “There is a lot of high stakes action at Borgata Casino…” it means that there are a lot of games for players who bet more money available at this casino.
  • Automat (or Videomat) – A casino which does not require a croupier or similar because all the games are automated, such as a bingo hall, a slot machine room or an arcade room.
  • Barber shop sign – Do you just stack your casino chips in any order? Or do you sort them into different denominations? If it is the former, then your stack may be called a Barber Pole, due to the different colors of tokens in your stack.
  • Black book – You want to avoid being in there! In Vegas, black book customers are prohibited from entering casinos.
  • male – No, not a dollar, in the parlance of casinos, a “buck” bet is a bet of $ 100. A bet of $ 100 can also be called a “dollar” bet. (see below)
  • Bug – A slang term used to describe the wild card in any card game.
  • Cage – The place where you can go to change your money into tokens and vice versa. This is where the casino cashiers work!
  • capping – Tut tut! Patrons will attempt to cap a bet by adding additional tokens to a bet once the game has started. Get caught styling and you could end up in the Black Book!
  • Card washing or card washing – A type of shuffle where the dealer places all the cards face down on the table and spins them like a washing machine before collecting them again for the next game.
  • Carpet seals – Five stars, high end luxury casinos
  • Case bet – Similar to an all-in poker bet. When a player places all of his remaining chips at the table on a bet.
  • Coat-tail – When you copy a winning player’s bets, hoping their luck and skills rub off on you!
  • Coloring – When you take a large stack of lower denomination tokens and exchange them for higher denomination tokens. For example, if you changed one hundred $ 5 tokens for ten $ 50 tokens, then you change color.
  • Dime – A $ 1,000 casino bet
  • Dirty money – The money that the croupier collects after a game round that the players have lost.
  • Dollar – A bet if $ 100
  • Up to the felt – Not great, that means you’ve lost all your chips and you’re screwed!
  • Drop box – The object that contains all the money, markers and tokens of a game table. Maintained by the dealer.
  • Eighty six – Being a royal pain in the ass? You could then be 86, which means the casino can kick you out.
  • Eye in the sky – The casino security system which uses cameras located throughout the casino often located on the roof.
  • Cooking – Bet a large amount of money on games.
  • Fish – A losing player, often a novice who makes basic mistakes.
  • Flat bet – When a player bets the same amount of money on each bet, whether he wins or loses.
  • Chip – Have you ever heard someone spend $ 100 at a casino and demand a luxury room, free food and drink, and a free helicopter flight to a new casino? Well, chances are they’re a chip, someone who wants a lot of casino bonuses, but won’t spend a lot to get them.
  • Money before – The money you deposit at the casino to get your hands on chips for you to play.
  • George – Someone who gives a good tip to croupiers and other casino employees.
  • Disabled – A player who has researched the games extensively beforehand to make bets that are more likely to be in their favor, depending on a number of factors and strategies.
  • Manipulate – The total amount of money wagered on the games.
  • Juice – The amount of commission a casino earns on a game. May also be called a “Vig”.
  • Disposition – A feature of a game, like roulette, where bets are laid out on the cloth so that people place their chips on it to bet.
  • Load – When you place a maximum value bet on slot machines or video poker by playing for the maximum amount allowed per game.
  • Marker pen – A casino approved IOU that a player can receive when wagering or wagering on games.
  • Mechanic – A term used to describe a cheating player who uses some sort of sleight of hand when playing a game of dice or a card game in an attempt to cheat the casino.

Join us again later in the week for part two of this article, when we focus on letter terms. N to Z!

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