September 23, 2022

No Use Empty innovates with business units

Work on 22 commercial units in Whitfield, Dover, is well underway under a development by Tridax Limited, with support from KCC’s No Use Empty scheme.

Tridax directors Steve Carr and Paul Lavender with KCC cabinet member Derek Murphy and No Use Empty head Steve Grimshaw in one of the units

The first phase of seven units began in April and is expected to be completed and delivered in October. The units have already been booked by local businesses, including a printing company, a glazing company and freight companies moving into the area.

The second phase of the program is due to start in September and end in December. A Belgian customs clearance, shipping and logistics company has reserved the units. With offices in Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and Ireland, they wanted to be present near the port of Dover.

Phase three is expected to begin in January and be completed next July, with development completion expected to occur in December 2023.

The Honeywood Parkway site was acquired by Tridax in August 2021. The total cost of the project is estimated at £2.7-3m, to which No Use Empty provided a loan of £1m for construction costs. construction. The loan plus interest will be repaid on the sale of units in later phases of the program, and these funds will then be “recycled” and made available for other NUE projects.

Tridax Director Steve Carr said, “We have worked with KCC’s No Use Empty team on several residential projects in the past and have established a positive working relationship.

“Our latest project would not have been possible without the loan facility and continued support we received.

“The Honeywood Parkway business units will make a significant contribution to the overall regeneration of the neighborhood with many positive results. Interest has been so good that there is already a list of potential buyers that exceeds the number of units available, so we are delighted with its success.

Steve Grimshaw, KCC’s Program Manager for NUE, said: “This is the first time we have undertaken a project like this and it is a landmark project for us.

‘Demand for these types of units is high and it is encouraging that not only are local businesses considering them, but that there is also interest from across the Channel, due to the proximity to the Port of Dover.’

Derek Murphy, KCC Cabinet Member for Economic Development, said, “Our No Use Empty team is always looking for new opportunities to use available funds in the most productive way.

“Its successes mean there is a better chance of attracting new investment, whether from KCC or other government agencies. Honeywood Parkway is a fantastic example and a project that could be replicated in other parts of the world. county”.

Mr Murphy, who is also a cabinet member for Dover District Council, said: ‘These units will make a positive contribution to the economic recovery of the town.

  • .Details of business units are as follows:

The floor area of ​​each unit is 11.2 meters by 7.75 meters. The floor to ceiling on the ground floor will be approximately 3 meters and on the first floor 2.7 meters.

Each block of seven units has a total exterior length of 56.58m long x exterior depth of 12.0m.

All units are the same dimensions, although a couple are being built as a ‘custom multiple unit’. They are constructed in a ‘hull’ arrangement which will be a watertight/sealed unit; insulating panels on walls and ceilings; Ready-to-use building with windows/doors, lockable with power supply, and a fully installed first floor (not a mezzanine) with an unenclosed staircase leading to the upper floor. Each unit will have a toilet/kitchenette facility provided on the ground floor level.