September 23, 2022

NEWSPORT DAILY-Could older workers help solve our labor shortages?

How pension cuts affect workers

Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years, Kenneth has no desire to retire.

“Every week I work 15 hours in 5 hour shifts,” Kenneth said.

“If I work more hours, my pension is reduced. In other words, I would make just over $11 an hour. Seriously, there aren’t too many people who would roll out of bed for that salary,” Kenneth said.

As a Community Development Worker at Mossman Support Services, Erica Mast talks to seniors struggling with the high cost of living.

“If people of retirement age who wanted to continue working to some extent could do so without affecting their pension, then I would say that sounds great,” Ms Mast said.

“There are barriers to older people’s participation in the labor market other than social service rules, such as age discrimination and certain physical limitations, even then I think many would appreciate the opportunity to work.”

The benefits of work

While additional funds are helpful, many seniors are at risk of feeling lonely and isolated and would also benefit from social engagement and community connections.

“This generation has a strong work ethic and hard work, it’s just the way they were raised,” Ms Mast said.

An older workforce brings a mature attitude with a wealth of experience and different skills.

“I have years of experience working and managing restaurants and can solve complex problems and regular customers get to know me. That’s what I appreciate,” says Kenneth.