September 23, 2022

New Electronics – OKdo partnership seeks to address SBC shortages

OKdo, part of RS Group, has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Radxa to manufacture and distribute ROCK Single Board Computers (SBC) and ROCK System on Modules (SoMs).

This move is seen as helping to optimize the performance and reach of ROCK products through OKdo’s engineering expertise, technology, ecosystem partners, robust supply chain and global distribution channels.

With a focus on single-board computing for the IoT and a customer-centric approach, OKdo’s partnership with Radxa represents the company’s continued evolution towards providing an accessible range of software. , hardware, design services and solutions.

ROCK SBCs are advanced single-board computers designed for professional engineers, developers, and students around the world looking to build products quickly using versatile hardware with a flexible design service model. Its small form factor offers a number of features as standard to allow users to develop robust and secure connected solutions.

The ROCK range of boards can also be customized. The ability to depopulate SBCs without compromising their integrity brings tremendous financial and environmental benefits, allowing professional design engineers to leverage state-of-the-art technology to develop high-volume end products that meet their exact needs and contribute reduce electronic waste.

OKdo Co-Founder and CTO Richard Curtin said, “We have listened to our customers and understand the challenges created by today’s supply chain dynamics. Our mission is to solve customer problems, and we are delighted to announce our partnership with Radxa which enables us to provide cutting-edge technology to our customers worldwide. This gives OKdo a unique capability to design, manufacture and distribute globally.

Curtin continued, “We put the engineering community at the heart of our proposition, as we recognize the importance of providing support to our customers and we actively invite engineers around the world to offer their expertise to ensure that we push our offer is the best possible.

A wide range of OKdo ROCK boards and SoMs will be launched on the market in the coming months, starting with the ROCK 4 SE. It comes with an M.2 expansion slot for large capacity drives, a real-time clock (RTC) combined with the ability to shut down multiple areas of the card for extended battery operation and low power consumption. low power, an eMMC memory port for industrial memory applications, USB PD/QC which allows the use of cables for lower cost and greater reliability and a USB-OTG and microphone input to name a few- one as standard.

The board’s professional-grade performance in speed, power and stability means there are many industrial applications, from preventative maintenance and connected logistics to access and security.

OKdo’s Vice President of Operations, Sarah Fawcett, said, “We have a resilient supply chain and an agile design and manufacturing offering for our customers. Our in-house supply chain expertise can help our partners navigate the enormous supply chain risks and challenges associated with the current macro-economic climate. Manufacturing today is totally different than it was a few years ago, and we ensure we have supply chain coverage, capacity and plans to manage uncertainty with our class team. world and our partners.