NC State signatory Tommy White: “I want to be an impact player”

IMG Academy infielder (FL) Tommy White had a few hectic days. A signatory to the NC State, he was following the 2021 MLB Draft closely to see if he would be selected, potentially leaving behind a difficult decision to make: sign a pro contract or dress for the Wolfpack.

However, White had a plan in place that ultimately played a role in his not being selected in the draft.

“This week has been eventful,” White said with a laugh. “I had interest and stuff, but I wasn’t going to sell myself short. I wanted to go to college and try to earn more in college. My goal has been to go to NC State for the longest, play for three years, and hopefully go to Omaha a few times. It’s been one of my goals since I was little, to play college baseball.

“So we set a financial number to go pro and the teams knew what it was. I was going to be strict and stick to it, and it didn’t work. It was really an easy decision for me because I was going to stick to my number no matter what.

Clearly, White was talented enough to be selected high in the draft. The 6-foot-1, 230-pounder is considered one of the best pure preparation hitters in baseball. Perfect game had it evaluated 18th global perspective in the country and the prospect of preparation for third base n ° 1.

“I have always had the ability to strike with natural force,” he said. “I believe my hands and hand-eye coordination are my greatest strengths. It really helped me hitting and hitting the long ball.”

White spent his final year at IMG Academy, but his college decision was made before that. What prompted him to choose NC State?

“Coach Hart recruited me a lot,” he said. “I was looking in NC State, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, FAU and Florida, but some schools wanted me to change certain things in my game. Notre Dame was really the three schools that wanted me for my way of playing… the first ones. .

“NC State was the first school to do this in my sophomore year, and my goal was to go to the first school that wanted me for me. I fell in love with the coaches and the school. I know I can thrive at NC State. I think if I had waited I would have had a lot more interest, but I knew where I wanted to go.

A cornerback, White primarily played third base in high school, but could also move up to first base at the college level. Does he have a preference?

“NC State recruited me as a third baseman,” he replied. “It was all about going to first base, but I want to stay on third because that’s where I feel most comfortable.”

While NC State could not get the star shortstop Khalil watson on campus, securing White was huge for the program, and the drafting process sparked some high-pressure discussions throughout the week.

“NC State coaches were there for me all the time,” he said. “They wanted the best for me, but they also think I can help the program too.

“Now that it’s behind me, the focus is on the competition. There has been some talk about the early playing time, but I have to come in and earn my place to try and play my freshman year. I want to be an impact player and help the team as much as possible in my freshman year. “

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