Michigan parent group launches online mask petition

Michigan (WLNS) – A group of hundreds of parents are coming together in communities across the state. They are called MiPass and their mission is simple. They are asking the MDHHS to require masks for everyone in all kindergartens to 12 schools.

“We felt like we were not being heard. So I’m very grateful that these other groups are trying to help, ”said MiPass member Katie Deck.

Deck is a mom to Howell. She’s also a nurse who saw what Covid-19 can do firsthand, and after seeing many schools across the state deciding not to impose masks, she knew she had to do something. . So Deck created an online group with other moms and dads concerned about the safety of their children in schools.

“Originally it was just having other parents who felt the same way as I emailed and called them to share our side of the story, because there are a lot of people on the other side who are very loud and vocal so we felt like we needed a voice too.

Now his group is one of the many members of the MiPass community.

Together, their petition has nearly 7,000 signatures. The group is also asking for more consistency with regard to schools disseminating information on covid.

“Some districts seem to over-report, then other districts seem to under-report. So we think a little more consistency would go a long way in helping parents make decisions about what’s safe for their families, ”said Nicole Kessler, MiPass member.

Deck wants people to remember, it’s not just about keeping kids healthy in the classroom. It is also about ensuring the safety of others at home.

“I have taken care of babies who fought so hard in their first few weeks of life and their parents can’t even take them anywhere because they are so terrified of losing their child.”

Other moms in the group tell me that although some of their districts have decided to issue a mask warrant now, they will not stop supporting other parents until they believe every child is safe.



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