December 7, 2022

Jaguar Land Rover, owned by Tata, to rescue laid-off technical workers; Opens 800 roles for laid-off Twitter and Facebook workers

Jaguar Landrover, owned by Tata, is ready to rescue laid-off tech workers in Britain as it seeks to hire hundreds of laid-off engineers to help develop electric car technology.

The century-old luxury automaker on Friday announced a job portal with 800 positions to help displaced tech workers.

The company is looking to recruit laid-off workers from companies like Amazon, Meta and Twitter, who are likely to have the required skills and will be assigned new roles in Britain, the United States, Ireland, China, India and Hungary.

The technicians the company is looking to hire have skills essential to developing and building the automaker’s next generation of electric cars.

It should be noted that in 2016, Ratan Tata, in a similar situation, saved thousands of people from unemployment in the United Kingdom by pledging to invest more than a billion dollars in the Port Talbot steelworks during a decade.

Although in 2019 Tata Group cut 1,000 jobs in the unit, its other major UK acquisition, Jaguar Land Rover, continued to thrive.

The Jaguar Land Rover brand, which it bought from Ford, is now ready to rescue and support laid-off workers from tech companies such as Twitter and Meta by offering them jobs through a job portal that is available to them. dedicated.

Redundant technicians may find new job openings at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) as the 100-year-old British carmaker seeks to hire hundreds of engineers to help it grow electric car.

JLR, owned by India’s Tata Motors, has announced a dedicated job portal for tech workers to fill 800 positions in autonomous driving, electrification, machine learning and computer science. data.

the luxury car brand jaguar will go all-electric by 2025 |  wwlp

The luxury carmaker wants to become an “electric-first” company from 2025.

Chief Information Officer Anthony Battle said most of the vacancies would be in Britain and split between JLR’s offices in Manchester and Gaydon in central England.

In an online interview, Battle said the company has had vacancies there for some time now. At the same time, several capacities are quite difficult to fill due to the very competitive market, especially for software engineers and architects.

He said it was fortunate for the company and for others as well that there is now a wealth of talent available, and that the timing matches the company’s plans to move forward and fill these vacancies.

Jaguar’s hiring drive follows after thousands of employees were left jobless due to mass layoffs at US tech companies in recent weeks. Some of these US companies have offices in London and Dublin, Ireland.

The new vacancies, particularly in the area of ​​artificial intelligence and machine learning, will support the company’s data collection efforts through which it will gain insights into car performance and customer behavior.

Last year, JLR announced an electrification strategy following which all Jaguar cars will be fully electric by 2024, and an electric option would be offered across its entire portfolio, including Land Rover.

Tata Group steps up in crisis

The automaker is focusing on the electric vehicle market. It rolled out 800 openings for tech professionals and quickly prioritized digital talent laid off from big tech companies like Meta and Amazon.

twitter, meta, amazon and more... why are tech titans laying off employees?

Tata Group’s decision comes after 11,000 workers lost their jobs at Meta and 10,000 had to leave Amazon, Elon Musk laid off 50% of Twitter staff and many others quit.

Following the mass exodus of employees, many heartbreaking stories are emerging from around the world, including Indians abroad who are now being left behind as they struggle to find new jobs to retain their visas, and even of women on maternity leave find themselves out of work.

Jaguar Land Rover has created a dedicated portal focused on these displaced big tech employees, and it is looking for skilled talent in AI, cloud software, data science and machine learning, among other areas of work.

Tata’s history of employee wellbeing

What stands out most is the fact that Tata has a strong history of employee wellbeing, and in these uncertain times, which are nothing short of a crisis, the decision of a company owned to the Tata group reflects this ideology.

Recently, the firm also came to the aid of the struggling Indian carrier Air India. Thousands of employees risked losing their jobs if the public airline were to be closed.

In 1947, Tata was also known for establishing a personnel department long before most companies in India. and for a smart separation system that offered wages and benefits to workers leaving until retirement age.

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Collective dismissals

Tech companies are resorting to cutting staff and slowing or freezing hiring as they face rising interest rates, sluggish consumer spending and a strengthening dollar.

Facebook’s parent company Meta has cut about 11,000 jobs, the first major round of layoffs in the social media company’s history. At the same time, under new owner Elon Musk, he laid off nearly 50% of his staff within the first days of joining the social media company.

As the days went by, more and more stories about Musk’s plans, which included longer, more demanding work hours and a stricter work environment via an ultimatum given by Musk to employees, led to hundreds of people to resign.

Google, one of the fourth most valuable companies, also announced plans to cut costs and also said a slowdown in its hiring process, even though its revenue for the quarter was down. significant. The company announced that it was inevitable that these measures would be implemented due to the macroeconomics in play today.

Overall, companies are looking to tighten budgets amid the much-anticipated economic downturn. Hiring freezes, cost reductions, layoffs, reduced travel budgets and team interventions are the strategies that are being rigorously implemented.

At a time like this, Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover, opening its doors to laid-off workers who may have had to go through an immense struggle to find employment, comes at a much-needed time and will be extremely welcomed by most of these laid off workers. – excluding employees.