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BERHAMPUR: Devotees might live with heavy hearts this year so they can’t attend Rath Yatra in Puri due to restrictions, but some in the Silk City have tried to boost morale by creating miniature Trinity sculptures and tanks.

Award-winning miniature sculptor Satya Moharana had previously carved idols and chariots using wood, chalk and soap. This year, Satya made a miniature tank and an idol of Lord Jagannath using only buttons. Measuring 11×8 inches, the sculpture took five days to complete.

Another artist, Hara Govind Moharana, made mini-tanks using food grains, including wheat, fine paddy and rice. An auto mechanic by profession and an artist by passion, Hara created the chariot (measuring 8×5 inches and weighing less than 100g each) in two months by gluing the food grains together using babul paste as an eraser. No iron nails or chemicals were used in the process.

Last year, Hara made the same carts with turmeric, betel nut and nutmeg just before the annual auto festival. Smaller deities were made with tulsi wood and ornamental ornaments using the same food grains. The same will be on display at Hara’s residence in Sriram Nagar from Monday. His art has won praise from locals as well as people from out of state.

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