Indian eFTR Mini is yet another FTR750 themed miniature electric bike

There’s no better way to get humans used to something than to expose them to things from a young age. For example, the current changes in the auto industry centered around electric drives might take some time to really make a difference for our generation, but the next one should get used to it fully by the age of majority.

Knowing this, American bicycle maker Indian is jumping into the fray with the launch this week of the eFTR Mini, an eFTR-based children’s bike that appeared about a year ago.

Much like its more capable sibling, the Mini is designed like the FTR750 racing bike that has been a dominant machine in the US Flat Track Championship for years. The new one also comes with two riding modes, low and high, suitable for children between 8 and 13 years old in the first configuration, and over 13 years old in the second.

While the first eFTR came with a 36-volt rechargeable battery (140 minutes of range in low mode at 16 km / h and 65 minutes in high mode at 24 km / h 15), the Mini is a little less efficient, hence the name.

The steel tube frame contains a 24-volt rechargeable battery that can only power the device for 30 minutes at 22.5 km / h (14 mph) in high mode, and for an undisclosed period at 16 km / h. h (10 mph) in low mode.

“The eFTR Mini is the perfect choice for many Indian Motorcycle riders and loyal customers who want to share their passion for riding with the kids in their life.” Ross Clifford, vice president of parts, apparel and accessories at Indian Motorcycle said in a statement.

“With the eFTR Mini added to our range, we are offering an offer accessible to young people to accommodate aspiring two-wheeled riders. “

Pricing for the eFTR Mini has not been announced, but for reference the top performer sells from $ 749.99.

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