September 23, 2022

In her maiden speech, British Prime Minister Liz Truss promises to confront ‘global headwinds of war’

In her first address to the nation after becoming British Prime Minister, Liz Truss pledged to rebuild the economy and take action this week to overcome the energy cost crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She also promised to tackle the issues holding Britain back.

Truss said what makes the UK great is the fundamental belief in freedom, entrepreneurship and fair play. Stating that the British people have shown courage and determination time and time again, the Prime Minister noted that the country is facing global headwinds caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and COVID-19, but promised to develop economy and make the UK an “aspirational nation”.

The focus will be on the energy crisis, struggling economy and overstretched health services: Truss

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, Liz Truss said her focus would be on tackling Britain’s electricity crisis, struggling economy and overstretched health services.

The new Prime Minister also thanked his predecessor Boris Johnson for delivering Brexit, the COVID-19 vaccine and resisting Russian aggression. Truss said history would consider him a hugely important prime minister.

“Our country was built by people who get things done,” said the British Prime Minister in her brief speech.

Truss, who has remained silent on her energy strategy during the two-month campaign for the top job, is expected to cap energy bills at a cost to taxpayers of up to $116 billion, according to British media.

Rising food and energy prices, driven by the war in Ukraine, the pandemic and Brexit, pushed inflation above 10% in the UK for the first time in four decades. According to the Bank of England’s projections, it will reach 13.3% in October and the country could slide into a prolonged recession by the end of the year.

Train drivers, garbage collectors, postal workers, lawyers and port staff staged strikes and demonstrations to demand wage increases to keep pace with rising prices.