May 12, 2022

Hydrogen Optimized Could Provide a Huge Hydrogen Hub in Texas

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Hydrogen Optimized in Owen Sound hopes to build a manufacturing plant in Texas to sell the entire output of the plant’s electrolyser unit to supply green hydrogen to a massive production, storage and processing center. transportation.

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It has signed a memorandum of understanding with Green Hydrogen International for the project to develop a large electrolyser manufacturing plant in Texas.

The plant would produce Hydrogen Optimized’s RuggedCell water electrolyzers for Green Hydrogen’s planned Hydrogen City project, a 60-gigawatt green hydrogen production and salt cavern storage facility to be built in South Texas. , according to a joint press release.

Hydrogen Optimized is a subsidiary of Key DH Technologies Inc., a private company. The company is working towards a 2028 goal to supply electrolysers to GHI, Hydrogen Optimized President, CEO and Founder Andrew Stuart said in an interview Thursday.

“GHI intends to purchase all of the facility’s output for the first 10 years of operation to supply its Hydrogen City project. Considered locations for the plant include the Austin, Houston, Dallas and Corpus Christi areas,” the press release reads.

Some of the initial electrolyzer production could be supplied by the company’s Owen Sound plant, Stuart said. Over time, as new agreements are signed, Owen Sound’s employment could grow to between 300 and 500 workers, he said.

“In fact, what we’re doing in Owen Sound is perfecting manufacturing technology. And then we need to replicate manufacturing facilities all over the world, to meet where there is significant demand for RuggedCells,” Stuart said.

Hydrogen Optimized “has a strong focus on expanding manufacturing and production capabilities at the company’s Owen Sound facility,” the company said in an email accompanying the press release.

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This MOU is a “validation” of RuggedCells as being “the most suitable for very large-scale green hydrogen production,” Stuart said. It is also an indication that it is the “preferred product on the market”. And not to speculate, we are in discussions with many other companies for similar types of issues.

In January, the company announced a letter of intent with a public limited company for 40 MW of electrolyser capacity. Its involvement in a Bruce Power hydrogen feasibility study was announced by the nuclear operator earlier this month.

Green hydrogen, which is produced with non-carbon-emitting electricity like wind and solar, is attracting growing interest as a candidate to help replace fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gases, warming the planet and changing the climate.

Green hydrogen is particularly seen as useful in sectors of the economy that cannot be electrified, such as aviation, shipping and steel production. Ontario has just released a strategy to explore the use of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen Optimized is developing a large-scale electrolysis technology called RuggedCells, which separates hydrogen and oxygen from water using high electrical current. It targets individual 100 megawatt installations as a stepping stone to systems up to 400 MW, according to its press release.

“By comparison, most systems available on the market today cannot exceed 20 MW per unit or, in many cases, 5 MW per unit,” the statement said.

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RuggedCells does not use expensive iridium, which many other systems use, and there is too little of it to meet global demand for electrolysers, the statement said. RuggedCells can also operate with electrical current levels from 0-100% within seconds.

GHI’s Hydrogen City will center on the Piedras Pintas Salt Dome in Duval County, its website says. Hydrogen must be made with solar and wind energy and other renewable energies.

Stuart said the availability of underground storage of green hydrogen is “a key part” of using hydrogen, which will be produced and stored while the wind blows or the sun shines for future use, just like natural gas is stored for seasonal use.

“It’s massive low-cost storage. And massive low-cost storage is one of the many things needed to make green hydrogen a success,” Stuart said.

The hydrogen would be stored in salt caverns or piped to a facility to produce green ammonia for global transport from the port of Corpus Christi, or to produce rocket fuel when combined with carbon dioxide to make green methane in Brownsville, the GHI website says.

The project is to be built in phases, with the first phase to start in 2026, with two gigawatts of production and two storage caverns in use. Eventually, more than 50 caverns could be created at Piedras Pintas, providing up to six terawatt hours of energy storage, the GHI website says.

Hydrogen Optimized is located in part of the former Tenneco auto parts plant. It received $4.8 million from Sustainable Development Technology Canada in May of last year. This was funding for the company’s $12 million project to advance, scale and commercialize large-scale green hydrogen production systems.

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