May 12, 2022

How will Carlton approach the difficulties of the third quarter? Buckley and Weitering provide insight

Carlton is 4-1. It’s as good a start to the season as it has been in the 21st century, but fans are rightly keeping the lid firmly attached.

One reason for this is their difficulties in the third trimester. The Blues have become accustomed in the first few weeks to playing a dominating quarter before hanging on for life as the opposition return to the competition.

Alarmingly in third quarters this season, Carlton has been outscored 24.13. (157) at 7.11. (53).

This usually reflects the opener of the game in the second half, as the teams spread the Blues and rack up undisputed marks. This takes away the challenged and stoppage game from Carlton, which they have excelled under new coach Michael Voss.

Former Collingwood manager Nathan Buckley believes the Blues need to find other ways to score apart from stoppages and contested possession control.

“What I will say is it’s too simplistic to just say third quarters because they had two games there against Hawthorn and against Port where they dominated the first quarter and then lost the next three.” , Buckley said. SEN Mornings.

“They’re great starters but what that tells you is when they get the game on their terms they’re really good. There are still question marks over Carlton because when the game It’s not on their terms, they’re not just average, they’re poor, they have to improve that.

“Simplistically, whether it’s a clearance and a half forward foot versus a transition foot and the longer the game goes, the more likely you are to step into a transition foot. or an open foot and Carlton, it’s not their only wood at the moment.

“They rely so much on stopping and air power in the front half and their one-on-one defenders, that they need to improve to be more effective in transition footy, which will allow them to be best in the second half of games.

Buckley wonders if there are little psychological things Carlton coaches can do at half-time to change the mindset of the squad.

“I think one of the issues is actually being aware of it. If you’re not aware of it, it can potentially come and go and it doesn’t become real, but I think it’s definitely real,” he said.

“The players, the competition and Carlton themselves are all very aware of what’s going on, so there has to be a change.

“It can be a placebo, it can be something they do at half time, it can be as simple as 45 seconds of hand work, corridors and bags just before leaving the rooms before leaving just to turn them on.

“It could be ‘let’s focus on the first five minutes or we’re going to go harder and be intense, we’re not going to spin, it’s going to be the 18s going hard for five minutes’.

“There will be a little placebo or shift in focus and they want to stop it now.

Jacob Weitering captained Carlton in the win over Port Adelaide and explained what the club need to do to maintain control of games once they have it.

“We have work to do. We came in with a level head in the various reviews and realized that we probably could have put (Hawthorn) in the sword and the same at the weekend (against Port Adelaide),” Weitering said. SEN Mornings.

“Unfortunately there’s this pattern a bit like last year, and we won’t let it, but from the outside, looking inside and 0-5 in the third quarter, it can get into your game a bit. psyche and we can’t let that happen.

“We looked at the third quarter and the fourth quarter and a lot of it is controllable. It’s doing the basics and I know it’s a cliched answer, but I think they scored a lot of in-out-ins.

“So they sent the ball inside 50 and we intercepted it, sent it outside our D50 and it came back and they scored.

“It was as simple as getting back on your man once the ball went out and the stoppage reset and that sort of thing.

“So we looked at it and it wasn’t something we didn’t know and it was a lot of basics and we will definitely fix that.

“As leaders, myself, Sam Walsh, Patrick Cripps, we have to drive this and the guys who played good footy George Hewett, Harry McKay, Charlie Curnow, they have to do the same, so we just have to I have to. bring in more guys and play more consistently.

Asked about Buckley’s suggestion that they need to work on their transition game and find other ways to achieve the goal, Weitering agreed that was a problem.

“I think (our game plan) can definitely be tightened up during the season. We have been developing for many years as a team. Myself, Harry, Charlie and Jack Silvagni, we were all in the same draft,” the key defender said.

“We kind of get to that age and I guess we really understand the game and can change everything we do in a game and I guess Vossy comes in and applies this contested system that we have and we’re good at saves .

“I guess we also have to find different ways to score when we’re not making saves, we have to keep the ball.

“I think at the weekend Port Adelaide had 114 undisputed points and we had 61 – including 30 in the first quarter.

“We have to find a way to hold the ball and move it in different ways.

“It’s quite a learning curve, but at the same time we got four points over the weekend without doing it. Very good signs, but a lot to improve.

Carlton faces a big challenge on Saturday night, traveling to Perth to take on Fremantle’s top four Dockers.