August 3, 2022

Foyle Port workers end strike after pay rise – Derry Daily

Burke Shipping workers on strike today at Foyle Port in Derry for the past two weeks

UNITE The union has confirmed that its double strike actions at Foyle Port, involving employees of the Port of Derry and the Harbor Commission and Burke Shipping Service, have come to an end after the workers achieved a historic double victory in their wage disputes .

Workers at Foyle Port voted to end their strike because they accepted an improved pay offer that conceded their entire wage demand.

Burke Shipping dockworkers also voted to end their strike and accept an improved offer from Fane Valley Co-op – the owners of their company that employs them – which has fully responded to their demands for pay equity.

Sharon Graham, General Secretary of Unite, congratulated the workers on achieving a double victory thanks to powerful strike action.

“This is a huge victory for our members. After enduring freezing cold and heavy rain for long days on the picket lines, the workers were ready to step up their strike action, but their determination led both employers to make offers that fully met their demands.

“This is good news for workers across Northern Ireland and shows that there is power in our union.

“It confirms yet again that when our members fight together for their jobs, their wages and their terms, they can win.”

Unite Regional Workforce Officer Gareth Scott welcomed the double victory.

He said: “If Christmas has come home early for the dockers at Foyle Port, it is only because of the strength and determination they have shown over the past fortnight.

“Building on this success, I would also like to pay tribute to the powerful solidarity shown by other workers, trade unionists and even the wider community here during the period.

“As I said before, Unite is putting an end to the idea that workers in the Northwest can be paid less.

“With this double wage victory, the demand for a decent and equal wage will be transmitted from this port to workplaces across the region.

“We are warning low-wage employers that workers here will no longer take second-class wages!” Added Scott.

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