Finding Hidden Mini Terrariums in Worcester

The hunt is on for miniature terrariums hidden around the city for people to take home.

Ben Newell, who runs Worcester Terrariums, has already left two of the mini-gardens around town and plans to hide more

The two have found new homes, with the first foam-filled medicine bottle found within an hour of being hidden near the Diglis Hotel.

Mr Newell said he had “dreaded” the idea of ​​US Instagrammer Isaac Holzapfel also hiding plants around his hometown of Portland, Oregon.

“I thought it was the right thing to do and the response has been totally positive.

“I know if I found a terrarium with a friendly note, I would be really happy.

“They’ve both been placed in the city center so far, but I think I’ll start spreading them out a bit.”

The 30-year-old has been running Worcester Terrariums online from his workshop in the Arboretum since September 2019.

His interest began around 2014 when he ventured into a vegetable garden and became obsessed with plants.

He then switched to bonsai trees and said he naturally progressed from there to terrariums.

As the pandemic forced the country on lockdown, Mr Newell turned to creating online content that attracted large audiences on social media platforms Instagram and TikTok, as well as providing online courses. via Zoom and YouTube tutorials.

So far, nearly 20,000 people have watched the Reel on Hidden Terrariums on its Instagram account which has more than 82,000 followers.

“It went really well but during the pandemic I had three months where I couldn’t access the workshop but I realized that people wanted to learn how to do it.

“I dove into YouTube and took Zoom classes which was great.

“My followers are scattered around the world and people are interested in the classes but cannot attend because they live far away or could not come to the workshop for a one-on-one due to the restrictions.

“It was great to be able to offer them online courses.”

To find out when the next terrarium is in hiding, follow the Instagram account @worcesterterrariums.

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