May 12, 2022

False address of Liberal candidate probed | Port Macquarie News

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The Australian Electoral Commission is investigating an incorrect address provided by a Liberal candidate to determine if it is registration fraud. The AEC is reviewing information contained in the screening and registration forms provided by Robbie Beaton, the Liberal candidate for Isaacs’ seat in Melbourne. Mr Beaton describes himself as a ‘long-time local business owner’. In the forms, Mr Beaton claims to live at the Bridge Hotel in Mordialloc, a local pub his family had owned for 38 years. The pub was sold in October 2021. Mr Beaton has since confirmed he lives in Camberwell, north of the Electorate. According to the AEC’s website, “Registration fraud occurs if a voter makes a false application for registration, such as using a false name or address.” The AEC says it is aware of the matter and is looking into the matter. “We take registration issues very seriously,” says the AEC. Mr Beaton told The Age he occasionally stayed in a flat in the pub after finishing work late. “My family owned this hotel for 38 years and I worked there for the last 20 years until it was recently sold. This is an honest mistake and I had no intention of misleading anyone. be in error,” Mr Beaton said. In a statement, the AEC noted that eligible Australians must be registered at their residential address in accordance with electoral law. The statement from the AEC provided some further clarification on the matter. “It is important to note, given some comments on this issue, that it is not mandatory for a candidate to be registered within the boundaries of the electorate they are contesting.” Isaacs’ seat is held by shadow Labor attorney general Mark Dreyfus by a 6.4% margin. The author wrote this story in a personal capacity. Australian Associated Press