December 7, 2022

Every Mid-Century Trend Lives At This Unique Address

Low slopes, clean lines, inlaid brick floors, cork floors, St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets, built-in butcher block, trim, built-ins, marble counter tops, polished chrome and the holy grail of untouched mid-century dreams – TERRAZZO floors. The real stuff too.

And before I go any further, I have to cite a recent list called “Ten Trends You’ll Regret in Five Years” where they had the audacity to put terrazzo on the list. terrazzo. Our precious concrete and cut stone floors. Keep dreaming, right? It’s been going on for a minute. Although there was a brief period in the 1980s when people decided to cover their beautiful terrazzo with Berber carpet. But that’s only because they were bananas.

[Let’s settle this in our comments below. If you’re a designer or trend caster or have a minimum five followers on TikTok, please weigh in – Is Terrazzo gonna go?!?]

Now let’s go home. It’s so special. It’s 2,137 square feet, but it’s open and bright and feels like it has room for all your stuff.

Open but private, right? There are still walls, hallways and doors (some of which have an elaborate inset). I mean, it was built in the 1960s after all. Like it has that all important door from the hallway to the bedrooms so you can take the kids when it was time for dinner, adults only.

And here’s another fun fact you didn’t ask for – Do you know why sofas from that era were on wheels? Turns out the housewives couldn’t actually lift the sofas, but they obviously had to vacuum under them, so there you have it, the wheels. This was told to me by a mid-century furniture dealer, so if it’s not true, blame him.

Want to know more about the house?? OK. I mean I pretty much said everything you need to know already. TERRAZZO. And the cork. I love cork flooring. It is set on top of the gentlest hill, there is a front carport which is integrated with the architecture and the back yard has the quintessential reed bamboo.

Stacey Leslie of EXP Realty recently lowered the price on 6517 Calmont Avenue in Fort Worth at $399,000.