May 12, 2022

Echola Systems Introduces 20-Port Air Gap Switch to Address Rapidly Growing 25/100 GbE Server and Storage Market

For a reliable defense against ransomware

MILPITAS, Calif., April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To defend against today’s ransomware attacks, organizations must have isolated backup storage and a rapid recovery strategy. According to the federal regulatory agency FFIEC, “An isolated data backup architecture limits exposure to a cyberattack and allows data to be restored to a point in time before the attack begins.” The Echola Systems VFC2011 series optical switch provides physical layer (L1) isolation for your critical data backup storage with sub 10ms switching speed. The VFC2011 switch is a 20-port VOA fiber optic switch with standard LC connectors. Because they are L1 switches, they do not require expensive transceivers and connect directly to transceivers in your network equipment that need protection against ransomware attacks.

Each port of VFC2011 can support up to 100GbE speed and comes with singlemode and multimode optics and connector options. For example, in a two-way isolation scenario, a VFC2011 can support up to 10 25GbE NAS nodes or 5 100GbE NAS nodes (4 lanes with drop cables). It also provides a 100 Mbps port for management connectivity and supports REST APIs over a secure HTTPS connection.

Echola Systems recommends supplementing its Airspace Switch with an immutable data backup and recovery tool and a ransomware detection tool called Network Detection and Response. Additionally, you can refer to the following article, “A real defense against today’s ransomware attacks”, for an air gap implementation using the VFC2011-SM switch in a clustered NAS environment.

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About Echola Systems:

Echola Systems LLC has specialized in the design and manufacture of custom physical layer optical switches since 2006. Our products provide cost-effective solutions for users in the test instrumentation and automation market. Specifically, they meet the personalized needs of users in industries such as telecommunications, equipment manufacturers, academic and research institutions, etc. Typical applications include sharing optical devices in test labs, automating patch panels, and simulating optical layer defects. Its customers include Cisco, Dell Technologies, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Ciena, etc.

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