Charity event for Little Trinity O’Connor on July 24 at Oneonta

Nothing shows the spirit and brotherhood of our great listening space more than when people come together in times of need to help their neighbors who are in difficulty. And when the focus of this unit is a little child, it amplifies the great spirit of our region even more.

There is a little girl and her family in our area in need right now and a generous group is meeting on July 24 in Oneonta to raise funds and spirits for them.

It’s a charitable benefit for Trinity O’Connor!

Trinity is a beautiful 6 year old who is battling stage 4 neuroblastoma. It is a rare and aggressive cancer that attacks nerves all over the body. Trinity goes to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia every month for treatment. It is the hope that the gathering will show Trinity and her family the power of community support and ease some of the financial burden that comes with this disease.

Come spend a FUN day on July 24 to raise funds for this little darling and her family. The Fatboy Rally is looking for volunteers to help and any donation for the cause will be greatly appreciated.

Saturday July 24, 2021 they organize a big gathering in honor of Trinity. It will take place at the Oneonta American Legion on Chestnut Street. Come enjoy a spy chicken or a pulled pork dinner for only $ 10.00. There will be other events that day, all with the goal of raising funds for Trinity’s family and alleviating Trinity’s financial stress.

To know more details on this Rally for Trinity visit the group’s Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

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