September 23, 2022

CarMD Releases Check Engine Car Repair Costs by State, Georgia in Top 5 Highest Corporation recently released its annual ranking of automotive repair costs related to check engine lighting. Georgia is in the top 5 highest auto repair costs in 2021.

CarMD ranking of the five states/districts with the highest auto repair costs in 2021:

1. Connecticut, $418.37
2. Colorado, $417.14
3. California, $415.66
4. District of Colombia, $411.00
5. Georgia, $407.71

Complete the five most affordable states for auto repair after Maine were Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin – all located in the Midwest. After Connecticutthe states/districts requiring the most expensive auto repairs were Colorado, California, District of Colombia and Georgia. The most frequently diagnosed repair in the five states with the highest average repair costs was “replace catalytic converter.” Expensive parts containing precious metals, catalytic converters generally do not fail unless maintenance and other repairs such as a faulty oxygen sensor or ignition coil are skipped, or a vehicle has a high mileage.

“Several factors contribute to the average cost to repair a car in a state, including the year, make and model of the vehicle, difficulty of repair, and cost of associated parts,” said David Rich, Technical Director, CarMD. “It makes sense that as people keep their vehicles longer than ever, cars and trucks are starting to outlast their parts and require more expensive repairs. Staying on top of maintenance can help vehicle owners reduce surprise car repair bills, while fixing check engine light problems early can improve fuel economy and reduce the likelihood of additional repairs. on the road.

Georgia 2021 Stats

Avg. Labor cost : $145.34

Avg. Cost of parts: $262.37

Avg. Repair cost (parts and labor): $407.71

Rank change from 2020: From no. 6

CarMD’s repair cost state ranking was derived from analysis of over 17 million identified repairs for 1996-2022 model year vehicles whose drivers sought advice for a check engine light problem of January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. The 50 U.S. states plus the District of Colombia, are represented in this index. Repairs are related to a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) system, which is standard on all cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids manufactured since 1996. It monitors emissions-related systems in a vehicle, triggering the check engine light when a problem occurs. CarMD does not report issues that fall outside the OBD2 computer monitoring of a vehicle, such as tires and mechanical parts such as belts and hoses. Corporation releases this annual state-by-state ranking as part of its CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ to raise awareness of the importance of checking engine light health. To view the 2022 CarMD State Rankings of Automotive Repair Costs for data collected in the 2021 calendar year, visit -index/.

This infographic map of the United States highlights the states with the highest and lowest check engine related auto repair costs in calendar year 2021, according to CarMD. A leading provider of automotive diagnostic data, CarMD releases this report annually to raise awareness of the importance of checking engine light condition to lower cost of ownership, reduce emissions for cleaner air and improve fuel economy.

About CarMD

Based at Irvine, California., Corporation specializes in automotive technology services that leverage and enhance the capabilities of the On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD2). CarMD has worked with a network of ASE-certified technicians to create and validate the most comprehensive database of expert OBD2-related repairs and associated costs from which CarMD derives its Vehicle Health Index™. This index is released each summer to provide vehicle owners and the industry with state-by-state analysis of automotive repair trends and costs. For more information, visit

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