September 23, 2022

Box with live lizards delivered to wrong address in New York

(Courtesy of Port Chester Police Department)

Sometimes deliveries are made to the wrong address. It happens. However, when the package contains live animals, things get complicated. Westchester County cops are looking for the rightful recipient of a box of reptiles.

“If you’ve lost your lizards and iguanas, we’ve got them at PD”, Port Chester the police wrote on Facebook.

A package containing several live lizards was dropped off at the wrong home in the village.

“Needless to say, the recipient was quite surprised when he opened the box,” police said.

So of course this person called the cops just after noon on Saturday. Officers responded and took the reptiles into custody.

“After catching all the animals, we secured them until a local animal sanctuary could collect them for safekeeping,” police said in a post showing three dark-colored lizards in a white bucket. . “Every day is different here on PC!”

In general, keeping non-venomous reptiles as pets is legal in New York, unless the species is considered protected.

The US Postal Service allows the shipment of live animals within certain guidelines. However, it was unclear whether the lizards involved in this incident were sent via the USPS or via another carrier.

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