December 7, 2022

BJP hub Valsad wants ‘change’, fishing community ‘unhappy’

Valsad: The fishing community plays an important role in the rise to power of the BJP in Valsad district in Gujarat. But they are unhappy because their demands are not heard and expect a lot from the future government.

Valsad has been a BJP stronghold and the fishing community is their traditional vote bank. The community wants a separate port in Valsad for smooth operations. They want political representation in Gujarat Assembly elections (political parties have never given a ticket to a candidate from their community).

Times Network measured the mood of voters in the fishing community of Valsad

“A port is essential here because the fishermen have great difficulty mooring their boats,” said one fisherman.

“The BJP is in power here and has also done development work. But they did nothing to help the fishing community of Valsad. A harbor should be built here with immediate attention,” said another fish trader from Valsad.

“The price of fuel was 30-40 rupees per liter and it went over 100 rupees per litre, but the cost of fish has not increased. The rate has been the same for decades. The business is no longer profitable and therefore we have to look for outside jobs leaving our family profession,” said another fisherman.