Best outdoor drinking games for backyard parties and summer barbecues

Summer barbecues are even more fun.

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Look, croquet and badminton are for the fancy white boys named Chauncy who wear socks and sandals at the beach. Beer pong is for the unimaginative frat brothers. Cornhole, while still a perfectly enjoyable game, don’t get me wrong, has gotten a little … boring. The best part of summer grilling, besides the big pile of meat, should be the outdoor games.

Fortunately, society has developed some interesting hobbies to occupy your non-drinking hand once you’ve finished stuffing your esophagus. There’s something for every style of barbecue: the mega bash in the backyard, the subdued patio barbecue and even the “oh shit it’s raining and now we have to cook.” 70 hot dogs inside my garage “shindig. No athleticism required.

Giant Beer Pong

While i was playing beer pong post-25 can be a bit left, playing giant beer pong is a bit more acceptable, and avoids saying the word “left” out loud. That’s the Giant Jenga rule, right? While Jenga is for children, Giant Jenga is a top-notch adult outdoor activity and perfectly acceptable for your non-beer drinking hand. For mega beer pong, all you need is a bunch of trash cans, a volleyball / soccer ball, and enough beer to fill each of those bins to the brim. Just kidding on that last part. But hey, it’s your money.

Spikeball is, by popular consensus, the most fun you can have on a mini trampoline without getting naked. He rose to prominence on Shark aquarium after the the Sharks stopped being celebrity-hungry schmucks for a minute and realized they actually had something cool on their knees. It’s basically a 360-degree hybrid of handball and ping-pong, and it can be played just about anywhere with a floor – and you don’t need a ton of space. , it is therefore a game perfectly suited for barbecues on the terrace or terrace. . You will almost certainly see people playing it this summer, probably shirtless. Now you know what it is.

Midi high

High Noon is inspired by the tumbleweed-laden duels of Old West fame. But it features six packs instead of six shooters and has little to no chance of bloodshed. This is a two player game where you and your opponent stand back to back, take 10 steps, turn around, drink your beer, mash it and throw it at each other. The first to contact wins. Oh wait, there might actually be some blood spilled. And this one is certainly not safe for barbecues with children.

A game kissed by late night host Jimmy Fallon, egg roulette has the potential to get messy. You have a group of identical eggs, and all but one hard. You take turns breaking these eggs over your head until one eventually explodes. The egg-headed person is the loser. As the saying goes, you have to crack a few eggs on your head to have a good summer barbecue, right?
Of all the hobbies on this list, KanJam has perhaps the most legitimate chance to dethrone the cornhole as the game you’re most likely to play after barbecue. And it deserves it. Like cornhole, you line up with a teammate on opposite sides, on a box, with a hole in the side and an uncovered top. If you get the Frisbee in the slot on the side, you win! Alternatively, you can hover over the can and slap your teammate’s shot inside when the time is right. They sell prefabricated sets you can buy, or you can just put those old industrial oil barrels lying around your house to good use.

If you fish to work your game while having glasses of beer (and really, why wouldn’t you?) Beer pong golf is the hybrid activity of your wildest dreams. Basically it’s beer pong, with golf clubs. You have two cornhole style planks, placed on a slope, with cups placed inside the faux grass surface. Your duty is to dig 10 individual holes before your competitor (mulching mat included). The only downside: this one requires a slight golf experience. If you don’t know how to grind properly, you might not have fun with this one. Sorry, Tiger.

Kubb is Sweden’s second best import (No.1 is ABBA, obviously), and is essentially a game of throwing big wooden blocks on other large wooden stakes, in an attempt to knock the said blocks off their feet. Think of it this way: if the horseshoes, bowling and those hand-carved craft toys that crunchy granola parents buy for their children had a misshapen Swedish baby, it would look like Kubb. It’s fun, though … despite sounding like an IKEA table. But, it is best to play on sand or loose ground. It would therefore be better to keep it for barbecues by the beach. Gloriously simple for kids, an extreme calf contorting feat for adults, the concept here is pretty straightforward: place a paper bag in the center of a circle of people. Each person should balance on one leg, bend over and lift the bag with their mouth. If you fall, you are outside. With each turn you cut off an inch from the bag, making it difficult for even the most ardent yogi to bear. It’s good clean fun. Except for the grass stains. It’s an essential episode of distraction for barbecues filled with obnoxious kids who need something to occupy their time. They will love it. It’s like 10,000 restless spinning mills with Pokémon on them.

If only gym class had been this fun. “Dodgebeer” is fun to say out loud and is a viable exchange for those looking to get away from the fratastic pitfalls of beer pong. Essentially, you assume a regular pong position (two teams of two, on either side of a table), with a can of beer on each side. The opposing team’s objective is to hit your team’s beer with a ping pong ball, and while it ricochets into oblivion, your team must sip until you hand the pong ball back. on the table and shout “Stop!” Obviously this game tends to go faster than most (especially if you’re in a large space), so the best two out of three is a good move – or, you can deviate from the “Classic” version. detailed above, and opt for more advanced rules. It all just means more beer. It’s a win-win-win. That’s right: three wins.
It’s like The price is rightit’s Plinko!, but instead of making money and not being spayed or neutered by Bob Barker, you can drink the drink that fate bestows upon you. If you’ve never left your drink choices to fate before, you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on. It’s an ideal game for tight spaces … and people who want to have fun without exerting physical strain. And here is your inspiration. Washers is an old-fashioned country game that is played like a small scale cornhole, with the rules a little reduced. You throw washers into a tin can. That is just about everything. But again, this is a good alternative to the cornhole for small spaces, like the interior of a garage when it starts to rain. Or at the bottom of a mine shaft, when you’ve had enough of searching for gems and need to breathe.

Strain aka Hammerschlagen

Stump is a popular game both in the American Midwest … and in Germany (if you couldn’t say that “Hammerschlagen” is a decidedly German name). For this you need a hammer, nails and … a stump. If you really want to play, you will need a detailed description of the rules (find a good explanation, here) but essentially the game is to flip your hammer 360 degrees and then hammer a nail into the stump, all in a smooth one-handed motion. Does it sound difficult? It is! But once you get the hang of it, you can start incorporating tips. Which is also part of the game. Despite the semi-steep learning curve, this is probably one of the most fun, rewarding, and entertaining games on this list. Just be super careful. You throw a hammer around, of course.

For just $ 250, you can turn your backyard barbecue into a county fair, with this scaled-down prefab dunk tank. It will definitely keep the kids busy for a few hours. Carnies not included … but will likely appear if you ask them.

By default, you should inherently be in any game that requires throwing rubber chicken at a target. And this summer’s potential lawn phenomenon, Flickin ‘Chicken, gives you the chance to do just that: you throw hilarious, flexible rubber chickens at a target. It’s cornhole, poultry style (Gonzo would certainly approve). And the best part is to go thug and make your own games with the chickens. They are ridiculously fun to throw and the options are endless. Chicken Flickin ‘ Beer pong, nobody? It’s a little messy … but the chickens don’t care. They are made of plastic.

A revamped version of the classic “Polish Horseshoes”, Beersbie requires two fairly tall poles (along with a frisbee and beers, obviously), making it a game designed exclusively for the outdoors or old gentlemen’s clubs. the extended rules gets a little complicated, but in essence you’re trying to knock your opponent’s beer off their pole, in the name of drinking. If you want to play KanJam, but are only stuck with chest-high metal poles, this is a stellar and functional alternative.

Floating beer pong

If you have a pool in your backyard (or apartment complex) your barbecue is probably already level, so why not step up your beer pong game as well? GoPong is essentially a large floating pool raft fitted with a built-in cooler and holes for the plastic cups arranged in the traditional beer pong formation. Of course, you’ll need to change your game up a bit if you’re using rebounds in your strategy, but that will help you aim better. If beer pong isn’t your thing, it also works as a great beverage tray in the pool, provided you want to float with 20+ cups of quick-heating beer. For an even more intense game, try bringing it into the ocean at high tide.

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