All aboard to learn at St Clare’s

Hugh Kennedy, a student at St Clare’s School, has fun and finishes his training using one of the four newly installed ActivAll boards at the school. St Clare’s is the first school in Ireland to install ActivAll Boards. Photograph by John Kelly

The AN Ennis school became the first in the country to equip itself with an innovative fitness and learning tool, writes Jessica Quinn.
St Clare’s has just taken delivery of four ActivAll boards to be used throughout the school with the 83 learners.
The learning boards are all based outside on the school grounds and run on electricity, helping learners in their daily physical and mental activities to speed up their heart rate, as well as to develop coordination hand-eye and motor skills.
Principal John Murphy said the school community and young people have been waiting for the signs to be installed for a long time, but now they are here, staff and learners using them constantly throughout the day.
“Covid and Brexit have delayed the arrival of boards from the UK,” said Mr Murphy, noting that St Clare’s is the first school in Ireland to engage in this new technology.
“All staff received training last week and the panels were put into operation on Monday,” he said.
“Bright lights and noises are particularly effective in attracting the attention of learners with additional needs and the competitive element that I think is a strength.
“Children can use balls, sticks, gloves or their hands to interact with the blackboards and leaderboards appear in classrooms and the teachers’ room. “
Game options and skill levels help St Clare’s in its mission to champion health, wellness, and physical activity.
“The counseling is completely inclusive and allows all of our young people, regardless of the barriers to learning, to try and improve upon the best precedents.
“All schools interested in learning more about ActivAll are encouraged to contact St Clare School and visit and see the boards in action,” he said.

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